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This month I got some music recommendations to help fill out my music listening. In addition, I started putting the next iteration of my song tournament into motion. This begins with clearing out all the songs that have accumulated on my "Pre-Star Level XX" lists. Once the dust has settled, I'll proceed with the actual tournament itself - though I think this iteration of the tournament will be much simpler than previous iterations.

Kygo - Golden Hour (2020)

Diablo III (PC) (2012)
LÉON - LÉON (2019)
(updated) Portal 2 (PC) (2011)
Risk of Rain 2 (PC) (2019)
Death Squared (PC) (2017)
Gryffin - Gravity (2019)
(stub) Dyscourse (PC) (2015)
Canabalt (PC) (2009)

Using tensorflowjs_converter
Getting to know... ObservableHQ

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC) (2020)
Path of Exile - Delirium

Observable HQ: dropdown input, d3 transition, and viewof

Quinn XCII - The Story of Us (2017)

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