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I'm always finding ways to pick out games in my gaming library and recently I decided I would make an effort to break even on my Humble Bundle purchases. Starting with my most recent Humble Bundle purchase, I will play as many games in a bundle as necessary until their combined lowest sale prices on Steam - according to steamdb - exceed the price I paid for the bundle. For example, I paid $5.28 for the Humble Very Positive Bundle 3. I then broke even by playing Bendy and the Ink Machine whose lowest sale price on Steam is $4.99 followed by Prison Architect whose lowest sale price on Steam is $4.49. As a rule of thumb, I should play a game for at least an hour for the game to truly count as being played.

Prison Architect

(pictures added) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Bendy and the Ink Machine (PC) (2017) [Humble Very Positive Bundle 3]

And Yet It Moves (PC) (2009)

Prison Architect (PC) (2015) [Humble Very Positive Bundle 3]

Lego Worlds (PC) (2017) [Humble LEGO Games Bundle]

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