New Content 20190517-20190530

This biweekly release started with a break from playing a new game every day (I played an average of one game a day for nine days, 5/9 to 5/17) and ended with several new games played during Steam's Spring Cleaning Event (5/24 to 5/28). In fact, I still have two posts to write up as a result of the event.* The time period also captures my attempt to get more exercise through Just Dance Now (I subscribed on 5/19 and have played about seven sessions).

Yuumi from League of Legends

*Technically it's not necessary to play any games for the event; it is sufficient to just start up a game and then close it. However, I decided to make use of the event and motivate myself to play various games suggested to me.

Surviving Mars (PC) (2018)
League of Legends - Yuumi

Back to Bed (PC) (2014)

Back to Bed (PC) (2014)

Trick & Treat (PC) (2016)

The Fall (PC) (2014)
Eufloria (PC) (2009)

Slime-san Superslime Edition (PC) (2017)
Assetto Corsa (PC) (2014)

Eufloria (PC) (2009)

La-Mulana (PC) (2013)

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