A Second Change of Pace

On January 22, 2019, I called for a change of pace and the reduced number of posts here at my main blog was a relief. Thinking about it today (20190308), I realized that I had deviated from the original purpose of the blog: a journal of my experiences. As a rough estimate, a long time ago, my blog posts were mostly raw notes and required at most ten minutes to publish. In contrast, my recent (movie and video game) posts generally include pictures, an overview, a recommendation paragraph, a pros/cons section (for video games), a summary section (for video games), and a secondary reference post (on this main blog). All this is fun, but can add up with respect to time, especially the secondary reference post. As a result, I'm going to be removing the following elements from the current flow: overview and secondary reference post.

At this point, I'll also reintroduce two older blogging behaviors: irregular posts and a biweekly "New Content" post* where readers can find the latest new content.

*I used to call these "New Additions" and I listed both new posts and updates to older posts. However, the new "New Content" series will now only link to content which is entirely new or has a new entry.

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