Toss-Up Tuesday: A Change of Pace

Life is full of surprises and today there was a surprise. This surprise called for a change in responsibilities and a change in pace. With respect to my blog, this means that I'll be reducing the number of posts I push out.

In short, refer to the following table:
Day of the WeekBeforeAfter
SundaySomething SundaySomething Sunday
MondayMovie Mondayremoved
TuesdayToss-Up Tuesdayremoved
WednesdayVideo Game WednesdayVideo Game Wednesday
ThursdayThrowback ThursdayThrowback Thursday
FridayFood Fridayremoved*
SaturdayBeer Saturdaytemporarily removed

These changes will result in the following:
1) I estimate a reduction in time spent on blogging by about 50 percent (before: about 12-15 units of time; after: about 5-7 units of time).
2) I'll be able to post more consistently. When I first started the daily post system, I wanted to schedule posts into the future. While this occasionally occurred, I usually found myself playing catch-up instead (e.g., it's already Monday the 28th and I'm writing the daily post for Tuesday the 22nd).
3) A shift towards making better video game posts by a) playing less games, b) playing games for more hours, and c) removing Toss-Up Tuesday. Elaborating on "c," it's removal leaves one variety day: Something Sunday. However, since Movie Monday was also removed, it's most likely that Something Sunday would be used for movies and/or television series.

As a final note, I enjoy sharing my experiences, both big and small. As such, it is bittersweet to reduce the time I contribute to it. A special thanks to those who come to my blog regularly. A shout out to all the people who have been a part of my experiences and to those who have supported my blogging endeavors. I look forward to providing new, albeit less, content.

*I may continue to post new places over at, but I will no longer feature such posts to my main blog - at least in the foreseeable future.

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