Something Sunday: Movie - District 9

Today's Something Sunday features the science fiction movie

District 9.

I finished watching District 9 today after watching the first third of it two days ago. Having seen it once eight years ago, I went into the movie with some idea of what would happen. In particular, I vaguely knew the fate of the protagonist and how the movie would progress.

Christopher (Jason Cope)

With that being said, I forgot many details. In short, an alien ship appeared on Earth one day and with it an alien race. The aliens, known as "Prawns," are being kept in camps, an area called District 9. The beginning of the movie shows them being relocated. The relocation and evictions are led by the protagonist, Wikus van de Merwe (Sharlto Copley). During this time, Wikus is infected and, starting with his hand, slowly transforms into a "Prawn." What can/will Wikus do to fix his predicament?

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