Toss-Up Tuesday: Video Games - Chime and Chime Sharp

Today's Toss-Up Tuesday features puzzle video games

Chime and Chime Sharp.

I played Chime a week ago and it provided me with 4.8 hours of fun before I no longer felt like playing anymore. Prior to that, I had played a couple of times many years ago for a total of 2.7 hours. Not bad for a game I got as part of a bundle.

Chime: One of the playable levels features "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton, the end credits song in Portal.

Soon after playing, while creating this post, I learned that the game had a sequel, Chime Sharp! And, as it turns out, I happened to have acquired a Steam key for it last holiday season as part of a bundle. In any case, I decided to play the game and see how it compared to Chime. While I had some fun with the sequel, I ultimately preferred the original more. With that being said, everybody has a different gaming style and some players may prefer the new version (revamped Standard Mode and the introduction of some entirely new modes).

Chime Sharp: Playing the level on Sharp Mode.

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