Food Friday - Toppers Pizza

Today's Food Friday features

Toppers Pizza.

I ate food from Toppers Pizza for the second time last June. And both my notes and memory indicate that the pizza was good.

Toppers Pizza. Pizza with olives and pepperoni. Baconstix - breadstick with cheese and bacon.
Pizza and Baconstix from Toppers Pizza.

Of course, what's dangerously delicious is their breadsticks together with garlic sauce. With that being said, for those watching their weight, a single bacon stix is approximately 150-210 calories per piece and a package of Grandioso garlic sauce is 240 calories (1.5 ounces / 42.5 grams).* Thus eating three sticks and half a package of sauce would come out to about 650 calories. Yikes! That's between a half and a third of my own daily calorie burn.

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*Nutrition facts for the sauce were hard to find, but eventually I found them. For the same 42.5 gram serving size, there are 4.5 grams saturated fat and 370 mg sodium.

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