Toss-Up Tuesday: TV Series - One Punch Man

Today's Toss-Up Tuesday features the anime series

One Punch Man.

I completed the first season One Punch Man last June and I can't wait for the second season to arrive!

One Punch Man follows a superhero named Saitama who is so powerful that he is capable of defeating enemies with just one punch! But please don't stop reading there. When I watched the first episode, I didn't think there'd be much story that could be built around such a simple idea, but I was dead wrong, and I'm glad I continued watching.

Saitama (JP: Makoto Furukawa / EN: Max Mittelman)

First, there are other heroes (in fact, there's a Hero Association, but more on that later) which come into play throughout the first season. In particular, there's Genos, a cyborg who chooses Saitama as his master. This allows the story to move away from Saitama, explore the strength of different villains, and then return to Saitama.

That leads me to the second point: Saitama might be powerful, but there's a number of layers around his character. As I watched, I wanted to know how powerful he actually was, how he became to be so powerful, and how he interacts with others (e.g., the general public, other heroes, and villains).

And last, though there are many more reasons to watch, there's the Hero Association which is an organization for heroes to join, become recognized, and be ranked. Despite his physical strength, Saitama joins at the lowest class (C-Class) and rank because he failed the written exam. Meanwhile, Genos is immediately placed in S-Class (the four ranks are C, B, A, and S). This creates a sort of social challenge for Saitama.

In short, I would highly recommend the series to fans of anime, action, or superheroes.

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