Food Friday - Original Joe's Westlake

Today's Food Friday features

Original Joe's Westlake.

My wife and I ate at Original Joe's Westlake for the first time back in May. We had wanted to go on several prior occasions but often chose to eat elsewhere. In any case, it was close to closing and the place was crowded so we ordered and ate at the bar.

Overall, the food was delicious, but it was also pricey. Furthermore, the food was probably so tasty in large due to the fat and butter.*

A snippet of the Original Joe's Menu: Roasted Prime Rib.

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*If you ever want to make something taste delicious while also ruining your arteries, just add a bunch of butter. Remark: Just in case you didn't catch the "ruining your arteries" snippet, I would emphasize that I do not condone adding copious amounts of butter to food. In fact, I only use the minimum amount of butter required when baking and seldom use butter with my meals.

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