Food Friday - Beep's Burgers

Today is Friday! And what's better than Friday? Food Friday! Yay!

Every Friday here at, I'll feature a new post from one of my two sub-blogs: (e.g., restaurants and dessert places) and (e.g., cooking and baking). And as it stands, I have a five-month time period to catch up on!*

Without further ado, today's Food Friday post is

Beep's Burgers.

I had passed by Beep's Burgers many times while going to the nearby Whole Food Market, but I didn't eat there until I had lived in the area for several months. In general, I would attribute this to the establishment's appearance, a mix of classic and old, which was both enticing and unappealing.

Fortunately, the day I decided to walk up and order a burger, I found the menu appealing and delightfully enjoyed the burger I ordered as well.

Have any recommendations on burger places in your area?
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*Prior to today's feature, I hadn't blogged any restaurant visits occurring between 20180508 and 20181005.

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