A Brief Pause

To Visitors of This Blog (and My Related Blogs),

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start the gigantic task of moving my movie posts to it's own sub-blog. I've done similar moving for other topics before (e.g., beer, drinks, cooking, restaurants & other food places), but those didn't have nearly as many posts as movies.

I have, however, had high priority task items to accomplish and, unfortunately, my ability to update my blog(s) have taken a back seat.

I currently want to give myself an ample amount of time to get what needs to get done, so I don't think I'll be making any new posts until at least the first of September. But have no fear, I will continue taking notes as I usually do and will have plenty of content to backtrack on.

On a different note, while it's a tedious task, especially due to the terrible format of older posts, I do like the idea of separating topics out into sub-blogs.

Have any thoughts on the matter? Leave a comment!


Tim Tran

tl;dr: I'm busy. Hopefully I can start posting again in September.

Blog Links:
www.supertran.net (20180617) (you're here)

movies.supertran.net (20180520) (work in progress...)
beer.supertran.net (20180507)
notes.supertran.net (20180623)
food.supertran.net (20180507)
cook.supertran.net (20170127)
physical.supertran.net (20171130)


videogames.supertran.net (planned)
boardgames.supertran.net (planned)

Remark: The dates in parentheses reflect the maximum post date, which may be less than the date of any new post or update (because I date a post at the time of the event). In the future, after I've moved my movie posts away from this blog, I'll have an activity blog to queue up references to my other blogs!

Did you read all of this!?! Let me know in the comments!

It came to my attention today (20181012) that the comment section can be set for individual posts and for some reason had been turned off starting with this post. I've gone in and turned the comment section back on. Sorry readers!

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