Movie The Founder (2016)

The Founder was playing on our flight from the Philippines to Taipei, but it had already started so I didn't watch it. I did, however, end up watching it on the leg from Taipei to San Francisco; though I was hesitant on watching it.

While The Founder had its moments, I didn't like it as much as The Social Network (2010).

Instant Comments:
LOL, his confusion at the speed of the service
Hehe, I also believe in the simple concept when it comes to food
He goes to watch "On the Waterfront"
Haha. He's enforcing the quality.
Wow. That vanilla shake power move followed by a divorce.
It's unfortunate for the brothers that they didn't get their percentage cut, but the movie also portrayed them as hanging on to their principles to a fault. They didn't even care to give Ray Kroc a bigger percentage when he was losing money.
From a monetary standpoint, perhaps the brothers got more than they would ever expect to earn
Are lawyer fees really a pressure point that doesn't fall under extortion?

Watched 20170509 (EVA Air in-flight entertainment) (Formatted to fit screen and edited for content)
The Founder (2016) John Lee Hancock. 115 min

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