New Additions 20161107-20170108

These blog entries were posted on my blog between the dates of 20161107 and 20170108.

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November 7 to November 20:
New Post: Movie Chicken Run (2000)
New Post: Movie Rounders (1998)
Busy with work and traveling.

November 21 to November 27:*
New Food Post: Food Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ
New Food Post: Food Alido's
New Food Post: Food Foreign Cinema
New Food Post: Food Los Metates
*Retroactively updated links (20170327).

November 28 to December 4:*
New Food Post: Food Jyun Kang
*Retroactively updated links (20170327).

December 5 to December 18:
Busy with work and traveling. Happy Holidays!

December 19 to December 25:
Finished transferring all my cooking posts to!!!
Going through recent blog material. A lot of it is cooking-related and so I'm updating
New Cook Post: Baileys Irish Cream and Greek Yogurt
New Cook Post: Zucchini Pizza Boats
New Cook Post: Spaghetti and Potatoes
New Cook Post: Keto Cinnamon Swirl Cookies

December 26 to January 1:
New Cook Post: Low Carb Flan
Working on transferring all my food posts to
While less work needs to be done per post, there are many more posts to process.
In addition to transferring posts, I'm also updating with some new posts as well.
New Food Post: Samurai Burrito
New Food Post: Cafe and Te
New Food Post: Solita Tacos & Margaritas
New Food Post: Porto's Bakery & Cafe

January 2 to January 8:
New Cook Post: Stuffed Bell Peppers
New Food Post: Ha Noi Avenue
New Food Post: Karl Strauss Brewing Company
New Food Post: PokiNometry
New Food Post: Trieu Chau Restaurant
New Post: Movie Captain America Civil War (2016)
New Food Post: Ngu Binh Restaurant

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