Video Game Counter-Strike (PC) (1999)

Looking to lay down some blog posts on some games I've previously played but never blogged about, I decided to start with Counter-Strike. More so than any other post I've written, this one attempts to draw a picture of my own boring relationship with the game.

It's strange to think about it now, having just tried to play some Counter-Strike over a 12 Mbps connection (latency ~ 16 ms), to have once upon a time have "played" the game over dial-up internet.

Counter-Strike 1.6 (20170115)

While I had some fascination with the game, I wasn't into it as much as some of my friends and classmates. Of course, I certainly wasn't good at it (and I'm still not good at it), but I definitely didn't care and simply enjoyed spawning every five or ten minutes just to execute some quick-buy scripts, throw a couple of grenades, fire some bullets, and get that one measly kill every three or four rounds.

Note that I briefly thought perhaps my interest waned on account of slow internet. But even when my parents had cable internet installed I continued to enjoy playing MUDs (Multi-User Domains) more than playing Counter-Strike.

Three remarks: 1) I totally forgot that Counter-Strike was first a mod for Half-Life until looking at some old screenshots. 2) I never went to a LAN gaming center to play Counter-Strike. 3) I've learned to enjoy first-person shooters more after playing Left 4 Dead 2 (2009); in particular, my accuracy has slightly improved.

Counter-Strike 1.5 (20011228)

[20170115][20170521 Edit]

2003XXXX: Counter-Strike 1.5
Looking for files related to Counter-Strike, I found a Counter-Strike 1.5 install file together with a Steam install file modified dates 20030713 and 20030731, respectively. Back then, the Steam platform was just a client to keep Valve games like Counter-Strike up to date.


20170115: Counter-Strike 1.6
I played a couple of rounds today, got bored of the lag after 25 minutes of gameplay (which by the way doubled my logged hours on Steam), and shut the game down.

Overall, I could see myself becoming decent with practice, but I have no incentive to practice. I'd sooner try and improve at a MOBA like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm before I'd try and improve at Counter-Strike (no offense, Counter-Strike, you're a great game and all...).

Counter-Strike 1.6 (20170115)


Counter-Strike (PC) (1999)

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