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More Pictures @ BottleRock - The Crowd

Lagunitas Stage

[20160617] With only so much room on each post, I typically chose to show several pictures of the lead singer (who typically has the most photographic moments) and one or two pictures of each band member.

White Sea
While I didn't make a habit of snapping shots of the crowd, I collected various pictures of the crowd (whenever possible) from each performance I saw.*

They are ordered by stage (small to large) and then perceived size or time/day.

*Remark: For this post, I mainly aimed to include photos which depicted crowd size as opposed to those which are visually striking.


Miner Family Winery Stage

At this stage I saw two full shows. The first was Bey Paule Band, which opened the stage at 12:15PM on Friday. The second was Buddy Guy, which was the last Friday performance, starting at 6:30PM, on the same day.

Bey Paule Band
I felt lucky when arriving for Buddy Guy's performance, because when I arrived the crowd was still sparse and I was able to walk up close to the front.

Buddy Guy
I would, however, suspect or hope that the crowd behind me was as large and packed as that of Atlas Genius. Having watched the end of Death Cab for Cutie, by the time I got to the Miner Family Winery Stage, I didn't feel like squeezing my way up towards the front and listened to a couple songs in the back.

Atlas Genius

Midway Stage

Opening on Friday at the Midway Stage was Grass Child Gypsy. On the one hand, the crowd was small and sparse. On the other hand, it was 12:00PM on Friday at the Midway Stage.

Grass Child Gypsy
Excited to see HEARTWATCH, I left the Miner Family Winery Stage early and waited right in front of The Midway Stage, asking to take up one of the few spots at the fence which remained (with the two people to my left and right obliging). The excitement, however, kept my attention on the band and I took no photos of their crowd. I don't even have an idea of how small or large it was.

HEARTWATCH - their drum set, before their performance started
Before the start of Mike Stud's set, I relaxed and sat in the shade of the metal railing. At times like those, I definitely appreciate that an artist or band is still gaining in popularity. When the show started, I just walked up into the crowd.

Mike Stud
The crowd listening to Rodrigo y Gabriela had a similar size and density to that of Mike Stud's crowd (though probably larger). In this situation, however, I had walked over from the Jam Cellars Stage after the end of The Lumineer's performance so I was a bit worried I'd be stuck off to the side and far away.

Rodrigo y Gabriela
In contrast to the slightly less sought-after genres of hip-hop and instrumental acoustic guitar, the Cold War Kids drew a reasonably large and dense crowd over at the Midway Stage.

Cold War Kids
In comparison, The White Panda probably had a larger crowd than the Cold War Kids had. But then again it was dark and the crowd could have just felt large but actually be small.

The White Panda
I would guess, however, that X Ambassador attracted a crowd which was at least three times as large as the one I saw gather in front of The White Panda.

X Ambassadors
It was, however, interesting to note that only a small fraction of the X Ambassador crowd stayed to wait for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. While I considered seeing Gogol Bordello at the Jam Cellars Stage, the benefits of seeing Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness up close was more appealing.

Unfortunately, being near the front, I'm uncertain of the crowd size.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Synesthesia

Jam Cellars Stage

On Saturday, the first band to play on the Jam Cellars Stage was Panic is Perfect. While it didn't fill up the lawn, there was a decent crowd and it must have been exciting to play on the same stage as the headliners (Stevie Wonder, Florence + the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Panic is Perfect
Watching a bit from afar, The Score had about twice the crowd of Panic is Perfect. Though to be fair, I never walked to the left side, where most of the crowd builds up, during The Score (the right side contains a large fenced off area for VIP).

The Score
For several of the pictures that follow, I was standing near the front (about 10 rows of bodies) and the boundary of the crowd for each was beyond my field of view.

Andy Grammer
Needless to say, they were all great performances and definitely had large crowds.

The Struts
In particular, The Struts was a fun crowd to be in. While the moment when (almost) everybody crouching was an awesome sight (see my post Concert 20160528 The Struts), it wasn't particularly fun. Of course, my bar for fun is pretty high (mostly thanks to Matt & Kim).

Opting to see a little bit of The White Sea, I forfeited my place in the crowd after the end of Andy Grammer's set. With that being said, while dense for a certain distance, I was able to get reasonably close with minimal effort.

Michael Franti & Spearhead
Making the effort to wait for Walk the Moon after The Struts, I took the opportunity to once again capture the large crowd behind me.

Walk the Moon - I Can Lift a Car
I further waited for Death Cab for Cutie after Walk the Moon, but was so focused on snapping pictures of the band and listening to the music that I essentially took zero pictures of the crowd during Death Cab for Cutie. I did, however, stop on my way out to snap a picture of the front portion as it shifts around after the end of the show.

Death Cab for Cutie - after their performance ended
Watching Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness meant that getting a good view at The Lumineers would be tough. With that being said, I definitely enjoy The Lumineers's music, but not enough to maneuver my way over a minefield of blankets and people.

The Lumineers - Sleep on the Floor
My two must-see acts at BottleRock were Death Cab for Cutie and Walk the Moon. So when it came to the festival's headliners, I definitely didn't mind being closer to the back.

Stevie Wonder
Most people who watched Death Cab for Cutie stayed in place for Florence + the Machine, but I decided to retreat. While this isn't my complaint post, leaving seemed about as hard as entering.

Florence + the Machine

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