Concert 20160529 X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors

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Pre-Festival Thoughts:
After listening to Shovels & Rope, I listened to X Ambassadors and felt the difference in genre compatibility. Overall, X Ambassadors has a more mainstream, alternative rock sound that I've come to enjoy over the years.

However, I was neither for nor against seeing them perform.

Excellent: Unsteady {2}; Renegades {2}; Unconsolable {2};
Above Average: Love Songs Drug Songs; Naked; Gorgeous; Jungle;
Slightly Above Average: Loveless; Giants; Low Life; Nervous;
On the Fence: Hang On;

8) Gorgeous [AA]

-- They have a big crowd relative to their stage (i.e., they could have qualified to be at the Jam Cellars stage)
-- They invite Jamie N Commons to the stage for this next song:
9.) Low Life [AA]
-- Jamie N Commons stays for this next song:
10.) Jungle [AA]

-- this is our last song:
11.) Renegades -- lol, the singing back here is weak when the lead singer omits lyrics (i.e., the crowd back here isn't comfortable singing the lyrics on their own)

-- the proportion of the crowd which leaves after the end of the show is amazing, only about the front 10 rows are left (Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is up next)

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Unfortunately, I only got to hear them perform four songs and would have liked to hear Unsteady, which I also missed at their Firefly 2015 performance.

Excellent: Gorgeous {2}; Unsteady {2}; Unconsolable {2};
Above Average: Low Life (feat. Jamie N Commons); Jungle (with Jamie N Commons); Nervous; Naked; Love Songs Drug Songs;

Slightly Above Average: Renegades; Loveless [I don't like the beginning but the chorus picks up nicely]; Down with Me; Stranger;
On the Fence: Hang On;
Slightly Below Average: Fear (ft. Imagine Dragons);

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