Concert 20160529 Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela

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Rodrigo y Gabriela at BottleRock 2016 (*
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Rodrigo y Gabriela (
*Added the songs below on 20160610.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
With an appreciation for acoustic guitar, I knew Rodrigo y Gabriela would be high on my priority of performances to see when I first heard them.

Excellent: Diablo Rojo {2};
Above Average: The Soundmaker; Stairway to Heaven [great cover]; Hora Zero [occasionally has a Middle Eastern sound to it]; Fram [feels more like conversation]; Santo Domino; Tamacun [I like the high notes]; Somnium;
Slightly Above Average: Orion [Has a boring start, but picks up towards the middle and finishes strong; parts of the songs feel disjointed]; Savitri; Gabriela Solo [Parts are good, but like Orion, can feel disjointed];

Above Average cont'd: Rodrigo Solo [I like the little Seven Nation Army riff thrown in, but again, disjointed]; Hanuman; The Russian Messenger; Torito [possibly Above Average]; Vikingman;
On the Fence: Nature's Way (with Oystein Greni) [perhaps since all the other songs lack vocals, this song feels out of place]

Overall, Rodrigo y Gabriela have a great sound and I would highly recommend them to any guitarist, and would further extend a recommendation to anyone who appreciates intricate musical pieces.

1) The Soundmaker [AA]
-- it's fun watching Gabriela's technique (a slapping/rhythm technique)
2) Hanuman
3) Diablo Rojo
-- Gabriela informs that they just played Soundmaker, Hanuman, and then Diablo Rojo.

-- they invite The Helmets on stage for the next song, but not to play music, just to run and dance around, haha**
4) Savitri --- matches a short snippet I recorded
5) The Russian Messenger --- matches a short snippet I recorded
6) Hora Zero --- I noted a song here with a Middle Eastern sound plus some other indicators; definite match
-- Rodrigo talks about the band's metal background and they will play some songs as tribute to that

Special Guest: Robert Trujillo
7) Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Megadeth cover)
-- welcomes Robert Trujillo* to the stage
8) Orion (Metallica cover) (with Robert Trujillo)
-- Trujillo continues with Rodrigo and Gabriela into the next song:
9) Battery (Metallica cover) (with Robert Trujillo)
-- we're told that they just played Orion and Battery.
10) Waiting to Be Free

Special Guests: The Helmets
11) Gabriela Solo --- I noted use of a pedal for a wah wah and funk sort of sound; definite match
-- last one:
12) TamacĂșn --- I noted the primary melody; definite match

*I didn't, however, realize at the time it was The Helmets
**I learned today (20160609) that Robert Trujillo is the bassist for Metallica and his son Tye Trujillo is the bassist for a band called The Helmets (they played at BottleRock).

Post-Festival Thoughts:
I'm not sure when I made the decision, but there existed a point during the planning process where I was certain I would stay and watch all of Rodrigo y Gabriela's set before heading over and seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform.*

In any case, I'm glad I was able to catch the entirety of Rodrigo y Gabrielo's set when I initially thought I would miss their first song (Rodrigo y Gabriela were set to start at the same time The Lumineers were set to end).

Excellent: Hora Zero {2}; Fram {2};
Above Average: The Soundmaker; Savitri; The Russian Messenger; Orion (Metallica cover); Gabriela Solo ((Live in Japan)); Tamacun; Waiting to Be Free;
Slightly Above Average: Hanuman; Diablo Rojo; Somos de Arena;

*I ultimately only listened to a fraction of a RHCP song.

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