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MisterWives at BottleRock 2016 (*
*Added songs below on 20160609.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
At first the band's sound reminded me a bit of Echosmith. Eventually, the vocal and overall sound reminded me more of Florence + The Machine. I suppose it depended on the individual song.

Excellent: No Need For Dreaming {2}; Reflections {2} [Oh, I've heard this song before. +1 for familiarity]; Coffins {3} [*]; Twisted Tongue {2} [**]
Above Average: Hurricane; Not Your Way; Imagination Infatuation; Vagabond;
Slightly Above Average: Best I Can Do; Oceans; Queens; Our Own House; Kings And Queens;

*Earlier I compared MisterWives to Florence + The Machine. Then when this song played, which I didn't previously know was by MisterWives, I was surprised because one of my favorite songs by Florence + The Machine is "My Boy Builds Coffins."
**The line "You just managed to mask what's now clear as glass | And that's just you're an asshole" prompted a second listen and I moved the song from 'Slightly Above Average' to 'Excellent {2}'

-- Tape: "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory plays
1) Best I Can Do [AA]
2) No Need for Dreaming [AA] -- note that I like this song more than "Best I Can Do"; in particular, I like the way (perhaps the speed) the words "There's no need for dreaming" are sung.

3) Oceans [AA]
-- gives a short political speech
4) Hurricane [SAA]
-- if I interpret my shorthand correctly, this next song* is about equality:
5) Not Your Way
6) Queens [AA] -- I love the post-chorus: "But we all lift each other up | Learn to shake the demons off | Conquer all this world throws at us | 'Cause love is strong enough"; the post-chorus gets an [E2]

-- this is from their new album** and their third time playing it:
7) Machine [AA]
-- their big hit:
8) Reflections [E3]
-- two more songs
9) Imagination Infatuation [AA]

10) Our Own House [SAA]

*If not the "next" then the "previous"
**Not yet released

Post-Festival Thoughts:
The band played all but three songs from their 2015 album "Our Own House." Unfortunately, one of those three is my favorite: "Coffins."

Excellent: Hurricane {3}; Coffins {4} [**]; Riptide (Vance Joy cover) {2}
Above Average: Best I Can Do; No Need for Dreaming; Not Your Way [I really like parts of this song and there's some parts I don't like as much. On average it's above average]; Reflections; Our Own House;
Slightly Above Average: Queens; Imagination Infatuation [I like the chorus]; Vagabond [this song has a lot of raw power and I would like it more, but some of the lyrics kind of go unheard];

On the Fence: Oceans; Box Around the Sun;

**I love the sound of this song. However, I wondered why it had such a familiar sound to it, as if I had heard it before. At the same time, I could not recall when I had heard it. But this is why I like scrobbling songs to! According to, I've scrobbled the song five times: 20140204, 20140702, 20160509, 20160509, and 20160608.

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