Concert 20160529 machineheart


Relevant Links:
machineheart at BottleRock 2016 (*
machineheart Website
*Added all songs below (except Circles) on 20160607.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
During last minute preparations I used the 30-second Top 10* Spotify previews via the BottleRock app and I thought to myself, "Oh, I'm definitely gonna go check out machineheart."

*They only have four distinct songs on on Spotify; three if "Circles" isn't distinct from "Circles (feat. Vanic)."

1) Watercolors [AA]
2) Best Thing [E2] -- was [AA] and then switched to [E2]; possibly better 'cause of the beer :p

3) Golden Ring [AA]
-- the lead singer is a good performer
4) Shelter [AA]
5) Speak in Tongues [SAA]
6) Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears cover) -- snippet
7) Kingdom Come [AA]

-- one more song:
8) Circles [E2]

*I used a setlist and a YouTube video** of the band's performance at The Fonda Theater (20151105) to determine song names to songs which weren't on their EP.

**Quick Reference: 0:25 Watercolors, 2:46 Another Me, 4:27 Best Thing, 5:36 Golden Ring, 6:56 Young Love, 8:25 and 8:48 Kingdom Come, 9:49 Shelter, 11:26 Speak In Tongues, 12:49 Hit Me Baby One More Time, 13:20 Circles.

Post-Festival Thoughts:
With all the dancing and movement, the lead singer of machineheart was fun to watch.

Of course, the band's music is solid and was only better when performed live.

Also, I remember looking at the machineheart shirts and not liking any of them. Otherwise they were good enough for me to consider getting a shirt.

Excellent: Circles {2};
Above Average: Best Thing; Watercolors; Another Me; Snow; Golden Ring;
Slightly Above Average: Speak in Tongues;

Overall, machineheart is a band I'm looking forward to following.

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