Concert 20160528 Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon

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Walk the Moon at BottleRock 2016 (*
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*Corrected song position of Up 2 U on 20160604.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Walk the Moon was definitely my favorite band of 2015 and I've since tried to broaden to rotate who I listen to in my car (for a time I was listening nonstop to Talking is Hard (2014)).

Excellent: Anna Sun {2} ((2)); Tightrope {2} ((2));
Above Average: Shut Up & Dance - Acoustic ((1)) [Lacks the same beat of the album recording, *]; Different Colors - Acoustic ((1)) [Sounds better than acoustic version of Shut Up & Dance, *]; Next in Line ((2));
Slightly Above Average: It's Your Thing; Boyfriend; Work This Body - Live ((3)) [for the most part I like the album version more, it has more of a beat to it]

((1)) Shut Up And Dance (Acoustic) (2015)
((2)) Spotify Sessions (2012)
((3)) Work This Body (Live) (2016)

Walk the Moon (2012)
Excellent: Anna Sun {3} [I love the constant flow], Tightrope {2};

Above Average: Quesadilla; Next in Line; Shiver Shiver [I like the overall sound]; I Can Lift A Car;
Slightly Above Average: Lisa Baby; Jenny; Lions [Feels more like a transition within context of the album]; Iscariot [Probably liked it more when I was in a different mode]; Fixin';

One hard choice I had to make was miss out on San Fermin which would be playing at the same time as Walk the Moon. However, I still like Walk the Moon to the degree that seeing them over San Fermin was the obvious choice. This was clouded by the fact that I hadn't been listening to San Fermin's latest album.

-- Circle of Life Intro
1) Lisa Baby [AA]**
2) Work This Body [E9]
3) Shiver Shiver [E2]

4) Avalanche [E3]
5) Different Colors [AA]
6) Tightrope [E2] -- some burning hand motion
-- lead singer unbuttons his shirt (earlier he removed his outer layer)
7) Up 2 U [AA]
8) Portugal [E5] -- apparently the bassist sings the 'ooo' portion

-- lead singer comes out with a funky looking tiger vest
9) Tiger Teeth [SAA] -- the first time I heard this song
10) Aquaman [E2] -- what a weak ocean, it died quickly... I liked the ocean at Firefly 2015
-- lead singer takes off the tiger vest (is now shirtless)
11) Jenny [AA]

-- gives a speech regarding voting
12) I Can Lift a Car [E3]
13) Shut Up and Dance [E5]
14) Anna Sun [E4]

**I was familiar enough with the band's songs and corresponding song titles that, among songs I had heard before, this was the only one for which I did not know the title.

Post-Festival Thoughts:
For whatever reason, Walk the Moon's performance at BottleRock 2016 didn't feel as exciting as their performance at Firefly 2015.

With that being said, it was fun going to see them perform again. Furthermore, it was a distinctly different experience in comparison to any other band, because I could sing along to about 80% of the songs.

Remark: About half their setlist appears flipped from when I saw them last.

You Are Not Alone (Live at the Greek) (2016)
Excellent: Avalanche - Live {2}; Work This Body - Live {3}; Portugal - Live {4} [I like this recording of Portugal more than the previous Work This Body track]; Shut Up and Dance - Live {2}; Anna Sun - Live {2};

Above Average: Sidekick - Live; Different Colors - Live; Aquaman - Live; I Can Lift a Car;
Slightly Above Average: Jenny - Live; Tightrope - Live; Spiraling Down; Come Under the Covers - Live; Up 2 U - Live;
On the Fence: Down in the Dumps - Live; Lisa Baby - Live;

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