Concert 20160528 The Struts

The Struts

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The Struts at BottleRock 2016 (*
The Struts (
*Added songs below on 20160604.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Overall, I found The Struts's sound enjoyable and I could imagine how I would probably enjoy them more if I listened to them more.

Everybody Wants (2016)
Above Average: These Times Are Changing; Kiss This; The Ol' Switcheroo; Dirty Sexy Money; Put Your Money On Me [has a familiar sound to it];
Slightly Above Average: Roll Up; Could Have Been Me;
On the Fence: Only Just A Call Away [has an older, classic rock sound to it]; Where Did She Go;

Slightly Below Average: Mary Go Round;

1) Roll Up [AA]
2) These Times are Changing [E2]
3) Could Have Been Me [AA]
4) The Ol' Switcheroo [E2]
5) Kiss This [AA]

-- new change of clothes (for the lead singer)
6) Dirty Sexy Money [SAA] --- Ha! I thought they were singing "Daddy says she's money" but they're actually singing "Dirty Sexy Money."
7) She Makes Me Feel Like -- [E2] for fun --- a lot of calling to the crowd occurred before the song started and the melody that comes after "she makes me feel like" would fit this profile perfectly
8) Let's Make This Happen Tonight [SAA] -- [E2] for fun

9) Young Stars [OTF]
10) Put Your Money on Me [AA] -- audience responds "Oh Yeah"
-- introduction of band members
-- last song:
11) Where Did She Go [AA] -- towards the end of the song the lead vocalist has everybody take a step back and kneel down, prepping to jump back up when the song escalates

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Regardless of what I thought of the individual tracks, one thing was certain: the lead singer was extremely entertaining to watch. Bordering on eccentric, he brought a lot of energy to the show and that for me creates a strong reason for seeing a band perform live.

Everybody Wants (2016)
Excellent: Put Your Money on Me {2};
Above Average: Roll Up; These Times Are Changing; Could Have Been Me [Close to be Excellent]; The Ol' Switcheroo; Dirty Sexy Money; Where Did She Go; Only Just A Call Away;
Slightly Above Average: Kiss This; She Makes Me Feel Like;

"Where Did She Go"
On the Fence: Young Stars; Mary Go Round; Black Swan;

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