Concert 20160528 Panic is Perfect

Panic is Perfect

Relevant Links:
Panic is Perfect at BottleRock 2016 (*
Panic is Perfect Website
*Added setlist below on 20160603.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
I was unable to listen to many of the artists at the bottom of the posted line-up. In particular, I didn't listen to any of Panic is Perfect, The Iron Heart, or Taxes, and so the act which I ended up seeing was slightly random.

1) ??? --- is probably one of the songs not yet listed: Turn Back into Stars, Too Up Close, Up There
2) Nothing's Wrong with It [SAA] -- uses a megaphone-looking device at the beginning
3) Build a Wall [AA]
4) Bobby Black [SAA] --- seems to fit the musical pattern I wrote down: la la lalalalaaa something da da da

-- I noticed the lead singer adds some percussion and the keyboardist adds some lead vocals
5) The Mailman [SAA]
-- I noticed there were two keyboardist and no bassist
6) I Can Make It Good --- this is the only song on Spotify by Panic is Perfect without lyrics that would fit my note: "instrumental?"
7) Echo [AA]

8) You're Alive [SAA]
-- Our first single off our EP:
9) Go Go Go [OTF]
10) Glow
11) Washed Out

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Although I didn't like most of their songs, I'll definitely be adding three of their songs to my playlist: Build a Wall, Echo, and Glow.

Cellspace / Behind Your Eyelids
Excellent: Glow {2};
Above Average: Turn Back into Stars; Echo; The Mailman; Build a Wall;
Slightly Above Average: You're Alive; Go Go Go; Nothing's Wrong with It; I Can Make It Good; Washed Out;
On the Fence: Too up Close; Up There;
Slightly Below Average: Bobby Black;

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