Concert 20160528 Mike Stud

Mike Stud

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Mike Stud at BottleRock 2016 (*
*Added the songs below on 20160603.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
For the most part, I liked most of the songs on his latest album These Days.

These Days (2016)
Excellent: These Days (Remix) (ft. Marcus Stroman) {2};

Above Average: Swish;
Slightly Above Average: After Hours ; Black Out; Spell Check; Anyone Else; YNK;
On the Fence: Through the Night; Jack Daniels [like Through the Night, this song suddenly takes it slow]

1) This Feeling [AA]
2) Summer (Calvin Harris cover)
3) Batter Up [SAA]

-- says this next song will get some radio time, and that he's still independent
4) Swish [E2]
-- another round of beers
5) I Don't Get Tired (Kevin Gates cover) (?) [OTF] --- the only song that I could find with the lyrics "I got six jobs" was this one by Kevin Gates feat. August Alsina.
6) Show Me / Paranoid (Remix) [SAA] -- [AA] for the "U Remind Me" snippet.

-- for those with a dream and you're still chasing it:
8) Closer [SAA]
9) I'm Not Sorry [AA]
10) Unknown --- lots of crowd pumping: "jump jump jump: "scream " scream one time"
11) Bad Decisions
-- I don't really notice the time, but he says he's almost out of time, so he'll do a short one and that the event people will let him do one more after that:
12) YNK [SAA]

13) These Days [E2]

Post-Festival Thoughts:
It was an easy choice to see Mike Stud over New Beat Fund and Silverado Pickups and Mike Stud's music was as good as I expected it would be.

I was, however, a bit neutral on the silly beer drinking. To elaborate, him and his crew would pretend like they're chugging beer by holding the bottle up and then after a couple of seconds they'd toss the remaining beer at the audience.

Bottoms up!
While there might have been an actual attempt at chugging the beer the first time around, most other attempts were clearly just for entertainment. As an estimate, they would hold their bottles up for about ten seconds, but only finish about a quarter to half a bottle of beer.

In any case, I appreciate rap music and Mike Stud's tracks will make a great addition to the set of rap I listen to when I listen to rap.

Excellent: These Days {2}; Bad Decisions {2}; This Feeling {2};

It's raining beer!
Above Average: Swish; Let Her Go (Remix); Show Me / Paranoid" (Remix); After Hours; YNK; Anyone Else; Batter Up; Brightside; I'm Not Sorry;
Slightly Above Average: Jack Daniels; Brand New; Closer; Summer (Mike Stud Remix);
On the Fence: None
Slightly Below Average: Gas Pedal (Remix) [Nice use of Ginuwine's "Pony" though];

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