Concert 20160528 Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine

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Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Florence + the Machine has released many great songs and I probably don't listen to them as often as I should. In any case, I'll probably want to go see them perform, especially since the lead singer Florence Welch has such an amazing voice.

Exc.: You've Got the Love {2}; Shake It Out {3}; Dog Days Are Over {3};
Above Average: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up); Spectrum (Say My Name); Spectrum; I Love You All the Time; Which Witch [Without the lyrics, I love the feeling of the song]; Drumming Song [Those drums!];
Slightly Above Average: What the Water Gave Me; Bird Song; How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful; Mother;
On the Fence: Ship To Wreck; Cosmic Love; Long & Lost [A change of pace]; Queen Of Peace;
Slightly Below Average: What Kind Of Man;

Unfortunately, my favorite song by the band is "My Boy Builds Coffins" and there's no sign of it being played recently on

-- I came late because I hadn't had anything to eat yet. :(
2) Ship to Wreck
3) [ Bird Song Intro]
-- she asks if anybody wants to get high with us (a lot of people say yes), and then she tells people to get on each other's shoulders (though not many do, *)

4) Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
--- I love how she's running around the stage all of the time; so much energy and spirit; I was making this comment during Rabbit Heart, and when I looked up she just ran down the center aisle
5) Shake It Out [E3]
6) Delilah [SAA]
7) Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris cover) [AA]
-- talks about the sky as intro to next song:
8) How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful [AA]

9) Cosmic Love -- Florence sings and the only audible instrument is a harp; eventually a 12-string guitar joins
-- either before or after, though I think after, she mentions how appropriate it was that she sang Cosmic Love at twilight
10) Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young cover) [AA]
11) Mother [SAA]
12) Queen of Peace
-- I started heading out during Queen of Peace. I'd rather get home than hear "Dog Days are Over"

*Must be the type of crowd. Cause in contrast, when this was asked at a Firefly show last year, practically everybody was on somebody's shoulders.

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Florence Welch is an amazing singer (as I already knew) and it was a treat to hear her sing. With that being said, I wasn't a big enough fan and hadn't listened to the band's music enough times to watch the entire set. Not only did I want to dodge the parking lot traffic, but it was the end of the day, I was depleted of energy, and the crowd was too large with respect to the space.

Note that the the crowd wasn't necessarily dense, because many people were sitting, but I'd prefer a dense standing crowd than a dense set of blankets.

Exc.: Shake It Out {2}; My Boy Builds Coffins {8}; Dog Days are Over {3};
Above Average: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up); Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris, Florence Welch); How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful; Cosmic Love; Queen of Peace; Delilah [eventually moved from SAA to AA];

Slightly Above Average: Ship to Wreck; Bird Song; Mother; Spectrum;

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