Concert 20160527 HEARTWATCH

*Formerly known as The Tropics.

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HEARTWATCH at BottleRock 2016 (*
HEARTWATCH (Facebook Page)
Heartwatch Website
*Added the artist, created the setlist, and added the songs below on 20160601.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
I didn't have a chance to closely listen to thoroughly listen to their music, but I knew I had to go see them.

Claire George (vocals)
Excellent: Faultlines {3}; Never Let You Go {2};
Above Average: none
Slightly Above Average: Bored at Best;

1) Gone Too Long [E2]
2) Bored at Best [AA]
3) Take You Home [SAA]

Eric Silverman (guitar, keys)
4) Reckless [AA] -- I love her voice!
5) The New King of California [SAA] -- slower song
6) Never Let You Go [E4]
7) Broken Bones [E2]
8) Teeth [SAA]
9) Sleepless [SAA]

I spent about a quarter of the performance trying to catch a good hair whip. :D
10) Faultlines [E4] -- Earlier someone asked where they're from and the lead singer said San Francisco. Ah. That explains the reference to the Golden Gate.
11) Fireproof

*Ha! I spent a while figuring out the setlist and determined all the songs except #3 and #4. But then I remembered that I managed to get a picture of it! Remark #1: song #5 is listed as "TNKOC". Remark #2: There are breaks denoted after song #3, #5, #7, and #9.

Rowan Peter (guitar, vocals), Nate Skelton (bass), Kern Sigala (drums)
Post-Festival Thoughts:
While I was excited about seeing Death Cab for Cutie and Walk the Moon, HEARTWATCH was sort of an underdog kind of act. Something new which I immediately liked and immensely enjoyed.

I should also note that it's the only band for which I purchased a shirt during the festival.**

Must it be over so soon!?!
**Remark: I would have bought two Death Cab for Cutie shirts, but the merchandise stand either ran out of the smalls or never had them to begin with.

Heartwatch (2016)
Excellent: Never Let You Go {3};
Above Average: Faultlines; Broken Bones;
Slightly Above Average: Bored at Best; Gone Too Long;
On the Fence: Teeth;

Soundcheck and Setlist
Wind House EP (2015)
Above Average: Sleepless [can occasionally sound repetitive, alternatively too much build-up for me with insufficient release];
Slightly Above Average: You I Want;
On the Fence: Fireproof; The New King of California;
Slightly Below Average: Sons & Daughters;

Take You Home (2014)
Slightly Above Average: Take You Home;

It also seems, on average, that I liked the live performances a notch or two higher than the corresponding album versions.

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