Concert 20160527 Bey Paule Band

Bey Paule Band
a.k.a. Frank Bey & The Anthony Paule Band

Frank Bey (lead vocals)
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Frank Bey and Anthony Paule Band at BottleRock 2016 (*
Frank Bey (
Anthony Paule Website
*Created the setlist and added the songs below on 20160601.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Behind on listening to all the artists, I quickly listened to snippets via the Bottlerock/Spotify feature and among the opening acts on Friday I was most drawn to the Bey Paule Band.

1) Still Called the Blues (B.B. King cover) [E2]

Anthony Paule (guitar)
2) Ain't That Loving You [AA]
-- during the last song I noticed the sign-language interpreter. Between lyrics, she would also sign a specific instrument and give the feeling of the song as well
-- upon smelling weed in the air, I instinctively looked around and right behind me was a cloud of smoke
-- many instruments: saxaphone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, drum, bass, and keyboard
3) I Just Can't Go On [SAA]
4) Kiss Me Like You Mean It [SAA]
-- this next song is a more traditional blues:
5) Right in Front of You [AA]

6) Don't Mess With the Monkey [SAA]
7) If I Could Reach Out
-- At some point, I simply enjoyed some of the songs while spacing out. Furthermore, I didn't want to miss any of Heartwatch, so I had left before the Bey Paule Band finished their set.

Post-Festival Thoughts:
I'm glad I arrived to the festival on time and got to see the Bey Paule Band. While I wouldn't have been upset if I didn't see them, they have a good sound and enjoyable music.

Not Goin' Away (2015)
Excellent: Someone You Use {2}; Don't Ask Me How I Feel {2};

Above Average: Kiss Me Like You Mean It; Right in Front of You; This Party's Done; Not Goin' Away; If I Could Reach Out;
Slightly Above Average: Black Bottom; Next to My Heart; Nobody's Angel; Ballad of the Lover Man; Noel's Haze;

You Don't Know Nothing (Live) (2013)
Excellent: Still Called the Blues (Live) (Cover) {2};
Above Average: Ain't That Loving You (Live); Midnight and Day (Live);
Slightly Above Average: You Don't Know Nothing About Love (Live); Imagine (Live) (Cover); Can't Get the Time of Day (Live); Hard Times (Live); You've Got to Hurt Before You Heal (Live);

On the Fence: Town Without Pity (Live); Get Your Money Where You Spend Your Time (Live);

Soul for Your Blues (2013)
Above Average: I Just Can't Go On; Don't Mess with the Monkey;
Slightly Above Average: I Don't Know Why; I'm Leaving You; You're Somebody Else's Baby Too; It's Good to Have Your Company; Bed for My Soul; I Left My Heart in San Francisco (Cover);
On the Fence: Buzzard Luck; I Want to Change Your Mind; Smokehouse; Nothing Stays the Same Forever; Hello in There;

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