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20160414: [20160422 Edit]
I was working here with a friend when eventually I got hungry and ordered the chili con carne. It looked small when it came out but it was filling and delicious. It was hearty and would be perfect for a cold day. Of course it still tasted good, even though the weather today was sunny and beautiful.

Menu Description:
Chili Con Carne 8.5 w/beef, jalapeno, bell peppers, cheddar, tortilla.

I thought the use of tortillas was a nice touch, as opposed to supplying saltine crackers. I also liked how the bell peppers gave the chili a nice texture and the jalapenos gave the chili a little bit of spice. 4:18PM PT

Note that at the time of this visit, the establishment accepted cash only. 7:28PM PT That, however, is a minor drawback. I liked the coffee, there's a lot of seating, a variety of board games, great ambiance, free wi-fi, and good hours.

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