Video Game Machinarium (PC) (2009)

Machinarium (PC) (2009)

Overview: A point-and-click adventure where you're a robot looking to save his girlfriend.

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20120801: [20160205]
On 20160205, without looking at my screenshots, I was under the impression that I stopped playing Machinarium before figuring out how to cross the bridge.

Near the beginning of the game
However, upon finding my screenshot record, I discovered that I figured out how to cross the bridge and stopped playing immediately thereafter. It's instances like these which remind me that memories are frail.

Steam: 13 minutes

While I started this game once before, I just went ahead and started over from the beginning, achieving my previous progress point in approximately 11 minutes, 2-3 minutes faster than previous.

Afterwards I continued playing and stopped when I managed to open the first two jail cells and was stuck trying to figure out how to open the third; I was quite sleepy.

Thus far the game is fun and the puzzles varied in difficulty from medium to difficult but clickable options are limited so the game essentially guides me in the right direction. In addition, the game provides one hint per area but I've yet to use any.

+ Attention to detail, great artwork

+ Great soundtrack
+ Character development

~ I'm not used to shrinking the robot back to normal to regain his normal movement speed. It's a bit annoying.

Amanita Design has among the best point-and-click adventure games out there and Machinarium doesn't disappoint. If you like Amanita Design's other adventure games (e.g., Samarost (2003), Samarost 2 (2005), Botanicula (2012)), then you should check out Machinarium and vice versa.

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