Television Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Overview: The visual novel Fate/stay night has three routes, and this anime is an adaption of the Unlimited Blade Works route (original release 2014-2015).

Normally I set the audio/subtitles settings to Japanese vocals and English subtitles but I was busy doing some other things and decided to switch to English vocals and no subtitles. I ultimately watched the remainder of the series under the same settings.

Rin Tohsaka (Mela Lee)

After the fourth episode, I wanted to keep going and watch the rest, but I decided to go to sleep (I couldn't posssibly watch another 21 episodes straight anyways).

Ada and I started this series today.

Today we watched the next two episodes (episode one and episode two).

Today we watched episodes three, four, and five.

Today we watched episodes six and seven.

First Season

E0 Prologue:
A: "I didn't know you came to school this early." As she walks away, "Was that... his way of saying hello?"
A: Ha, what weird character relationships.
A: I see, that's why she went to observe the practices.
A: An hour early.
A: Command seals are explained in the following scene.
A: Ha. Clean the living room.
B: Ada remarked how Archer was Rin's servant.
A: "Archer, handle the landing."
B: This was an amazing fight.
A: "It's her, it's the Saber"
A=20160213, B=20171002

Archer (Jun'ichi Suwabe, Kaiji Tang)

E1 Winter Days, A Fateful Night:
A: Interesting powers.
A: It becomes apparent that this episode starts at the same time as the start of the previous episode.
A: "I didn't know you came to school this early."
A: Interesting, it seems like it currently acts like a shield. B: ?
B: He unrolled the piece of paper.
A: Oh okay. Interesting. "Saber"
A: "What is wrong, Lancer?"
A: "You must be Ireland's child of light."
A: Well, that seems fair. She saved his life and now he will have spared hers.
A=20160214 AM Hours, B=20171014

E2 The Curtain Goes Up:
A: Lol. "I see, you're exactly how you look, super honest."
A: "This is not the first time I've been summoned to this era." "No way, what are the odds of that?"
A: What? I thought Archer returned Tosaka's necklace to her. B: Ada remarked that Archer returned the necklace to Rin. Yes, in fact, by this time, Archer will have already returned the same looking necklace to Rin. I just told Ada that it was an important detail.
B: Watching this episode now after Fate/Zero makes it so different.
A: This episode serves almost entirely for background.
A: Debt? But she already saved him. Though giving him the chance to recoup is reasonable. B: I suppose she puts on a front that she's in his debt, but deep inside she doesn't want to hurt him.
A=20160214 AM Hours, B=20171014

Shrio Emiya (Bryce Papenbrook)

E3 The First Battle:
A: "Time to kill you. Okay, go get them Berserker."
A=20160214 AM Hours, B=20171022

E4 Finding the Will to Fight:
A: Self-healing.
A: Some more backstory.
A=20160214 AM Hours, B=20171022

E5 Dancing After School:
A: Ha, he doesn't get how much she is conflicted on liking him enough not to kill him.
A: A truce.
A: I'm confused, does it matter whether or not it was his birth father? I thought he was adopted
A: "Trace on."
A=20160214 Afternoon, B=20171022

Lancer (Tony Oliver)

E6 Mirage:
A: "I am the Bone of my Sword"
A=20160214 Afternoon, B=20171025

E7 The Reward for a Fight to the Death:
A: Damn, Archer is just full of fight.
B: Caster says Shiro and Archer are similar.
B: Ada notices that Archer spoke ideals similar to Kiritsigu, and soon after, Emiya thinks of his father's words.
A=20160214 Afternoon, B=20171025

E8 Winter Days, Where the Heart Is:
A: Lol. That's a dream? I'd hate to know what his nightmares are like. Unless something was lost in translation.
A: The swap of saber and archer classes does make for an interesting story.
A: I wonder what "rider" means as a class.
A: In any case, we've met a hero of each class: archer, lancer, saber, berserker, caster, assassin, and rider. Though as we know, the assassin we met is Caster's servant, not a mage's servant.
A=20160214 Afternoon, B=20171101

E9 The Distance Between Them:
A: Mysterious priest
A: Lol. There are other ways... hahahaha.
A: Ha. Boobs.
A=20160214 Afternoon, B=20171101

E10 The Fifth Contractor:
A: Damn. What a show of hidden power.
A: Confusing ending...
A=20160214 Evening, B=20171104

E11 A Visitor Approaches Lightly:
A: Lol. Rin and Saber agreeing.
A: The mixed pairing between Archer/Tosaka and Saber/Emiya continues.
A: Hmm. Is she angry because of the mismatch between her/Archer and Emiya/Saber?
A=20160214 Evening, B=20171104

Soichiro Kuzuki (Lex Lang) and Saber (Kari Wahlgren)

E12 The Final Decision:
A: What!!! He has a servant and his servant is Lancer!
A: Hmm. He talks a lot, but it's technically his fault that Saber is in the situation she's in.
A=20160214 Evening, B=20171104

Second Season

E13 Time of Departure: (S2E01)
A: "I got irritated." (in her sleep)
A: "Now come down so I can kick your ass!"
A: King of Caucas. His daughter.
A: Obviously he has some sleight of hand or plan in mind.
A: "I always side with the most powerful." I don't believe his words.
A: I wonder if they'll be able to switch at some point. Saber matched with Rin and Archer matched with Emiya.
A: Oh, that's what got me confused in E2: he somehow has a pendant just like the one she has.
A: Rin...
A=20160214 Evening, B=20171108


E14 The Princess of Colchis: (S2E02)
A: It seems the priest also concealed his Lancer servant in the past
A: And that caster was just as wicked in the past.
A=20160214 Evening, B=20171108

E15 A Battle of Legend:
A: So Berserker is Hercules.
A: Damn, that makes the other guy seem overpowered.
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171108

E16 Winter Days, The Form Wishes Take: (S2E03)
A: You can't save other people if you're dead...
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171113

Gilgamesh (David Vincent)

E17 The Dark Sword Bares Its Fangs: (S2E04)
A: Rin reveals cryptic information about the pendant.
B: Shiro after Rin gives information basically responds with "Cool. Thanks for this information I don't understand. Let's go."
B: I told Ada this, and she said she didn't understand the implication of the amulet. I told her they would eventually tell the viewer.
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171113

E18 The Beginning of the Circle: (S2E05)
A: "I am... the Bone of my Sword."
A: "Trace on." - Archer
A: Hmm, Archer talks about mana. I wonder if Rin could transfer her mana. I thought that was her abilities.
A: Ah okay, or that. Lol. Partial points for believing in the switch in E13.
B: Apparently Shiro already suspected from Day 1...
A: "What did you and Rin do to secure his allegiance. What manner of spell did you use?"
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171113

A: Hmm... but then what was Emiya's catalyst for Saber? [This is alluded to in E20, but I looked it up and found a thread which answers the question, possibly with spoilers]
B: I'm not sure I understood before, but today I realized that Archer said the amulet was Rin's catalyst for summoning him [the above comment seems to suggest I understood, but I don't remember understanding, haha]
A: So it's the case that Archer took the amulet from Emiya? [20171120: This comment suggests I didn't understand what was going on; Rin saves Emiya, drops the amulet, Emiya keeps the amulet (forever), becomes a heroic spirit, gives Rin his amulet]
A: "Ahh... sorry about that. I meant to say stop but I punched you instead."
A: Whoa. I didn't see that coming. (@7:45, after he says that's what Shirou Emiya wanted to be)

Illyasviel von Einzbern (Stephanie Sheh)

A: Unfortunately, as far as I could tell, this doesn't seem to be a circular storyline... at least yet. [20171120: Because he doesn't seem to indicate that he's already been approached by his former self in his own lifetime]
A: Assuming a single timeline, asking his previous self to commit suicide would be paradoxical. [20171120: And yet the plot refers to Heroic Spirits being timeless.]
A: If it's a different version of Shirou, then there's no guarantee his fate is the same as Archer's source of Shirou. [20171120: This would, in fact, suggest different timelines.]
A: "Trace." "On."
A: "Do you think you can keep up with my Blade Works?" Hmm. It doesn't make sense why an experienced version of Emiya would lose to his former self.
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171119

A: Oh I see, right, he's running out of mana.
A: Bam!
A: "Ha, silly girl. Come find me again when you're older."
A: I still cling onto the notion that Lancer is giving Emiya the right inspiration (perhaps Tosaka).
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171120


A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171120

A: Lol, Emiya wouldn't even have known if Tosaka didn't let on that the dream was a secret. He doesn't even recognize himself? Hahaha. B: Unless that boy wasn't him?
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171127

B: Something about a bird and then a lion.
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171129

B: How is Archer alive? [Various theories exist]
A: Nice arm cut. What a fight.
A, B: Haha. "Go ahead a cut your arm, but first take a step to the right."
A: "That guy. Always showing off."
A: "Damn it. I didn't even get a chance to chew him out."
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171129

E25 Epilogue:
A: Hmm... it might have been better not to watch the Epilogue... Parts of it were good, but parts of it felt out of place.
B: I don't understand the ending.
A=20160215 AM Hours, B=20171129

Watched (Netflix, Instant) (English vocals, no subtitles)
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014-2015) [bot visual novel Fate/stay night]

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