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Joy's Place

Overview: A coffee, tea, and dessert place.

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After getting some sushi nearby, I still had time to kill before catching my 11PM flight and decided to check this place out. Although I was primarily interested in a place with wi-fi and coffee, apparently this place has some decent desserts. However, being quite full, I didn't order any desserts and only got a regular cup of coffee.

While every table was occupied, there were a couple of open chairs and anyone with a small enough computer could ask a stranger to share a table. Unfortunately, my current laptop is gigantic and would have needed a two person table to myself, a spot on the couch, a spot at one of the two bars, or a spot at the bigger four-person tables. Luckily for me, a spot at the sofa opened up shortly after I purchased my coffee.

But as a twist, my primary plan of using the wi-fi to play Heroes of the Storm was nullified by the lack of consistent bandwidth. Furthermore, a combination of my fatigue, perhaps the sake from dinner, and the lag of the game resulted in my nodding off to sleep before getting more than one or two sips of the coffee I had ordered. 7:19PM PT

Although I was unable to tell if the coffee's quality was better or worse than Starbucks coffee, I would definitely come back to Joy's Place as a place to work. I also look forward to trying their selection of desserts.

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