Video Game ALLTYNEX Second (PC) (2013)

ALLTYNEX Second (Steam) (2014)*
*ALLTYNEX Second (Desura) (2013)
*ALLTYNEX Second (2010)

ALLTYNEX Second is a shoot 'em up which belongs to The Tale of ALLTYNEX trilogy and whose story takes place before RefleX

Some backstory.
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Today I played ALLTYNEX Second and for whatever reason jumped right into the game and played it twice before thinking it might be a good idea and check out the tutorials.

Armor Mode: Buster Rifle.
While the game was already fun before watching the tutorials (as well as a bit chaotic), it became more awesome and fun after watching them.

Setup: The game automatically detected my gamepad and blocks me from using the keyboard/mouse (which is just something to note, though I've seen this with some other games as well so it's not entirely unusual).

Gameplay Mechanics:
ALLTYNEX Second features a ship which has a stereotypical ranged rapid fire attack (Button 1 - Main Shot) and a melee attack which also destroys basic enemy fire (Button 2 - The Blade).

Attack with the Blade (Tutorial)
Using the ranged attack places the ship in Fighter Mode and pressing Button 3 will fire ranged homing lasers. Alternatively, press Button 2 while holding down Button 1.

Similarly, using the melee attack places the ship in Armor Mode and pressing Button 3 will fire a buster rifle. Alternatively, press Button 1 while holding down Button 2. Note that the player ship will lock onto certain mid and large-sized enemies (for the buster rifle).

Defeating a boss with the blade.
Of course, both special attacks will deplete the player's energy bar and consequently decrease the power of the player ship's Main Shot (Level 1-5).

Finally, the ship's movement speed in Armor Mode is slower than when it's in Fighter Mode which encourages the player to strategically switch between the two (power vs. mobility).

+ Fun shooter mechanics

Game Over.
+ Pretty cool graphics (2.5D).

- No screen resolution setting

While the lack of resolution setting is a bit upsetting, the game was still pretty solid and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a new vertical shooter to play. With that being said, I'm not an expert on shoot em' ups, but apparently there was a sufficient demand bring the ALLTYNEX trilogy from Japan to the US.

Fighter Mode: Homing Lasers