Video Game To the Moon (PC) (2011)

To the Moon (PC) (2011)

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After accidentally playing MirrorMoon EP a couple days ago when I meant to play To the Moon, I was quick to correct my mistake and rinse the mediocre experience of MirrorMoon EP out of my mind.

In any case, To the Moon did not let me down. In particular, the game's artwork immediately drew me in and the game's simple mechanics and intricate story telling kept me playing from beginning to end.

+ Beyond excellent story (on par with, if not exceeds, those of Portal/Portal 2 and Braid)
+ Simple and clear controls.

~ Like an interactive story.
~ Plays like a point-and-click adventure.

Minor Cons:
- Linear gameplay
- A little rough around the edges (controls were occasionally unresponsive)

If To The Moon were a movie, then it would win an Oscar for Best Picture.

While it may not have the best gameplay (e.g., Batman: Arkham Asylum) or special effects (e.g., Dead Space 3), it has one of the best stories I have ever encountered in a video game.

With that being said, part of what makes the story good is that the narrative is told in reverse (similar to the narrative in the movie Memento) and that sets the game apart from other games.

In any case, if you're in the mood for an Oscar, then check out To the Moon.

Some other games I love for their stories include the following:
(1) Portal - excellent novel gameplay makes it a top-notched video game
(2) Thomas Was Alone - this minimalistic platformer has both the story and the gameplay; why aren't more games like this one?
(3) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - this game is also visually stunning
(4) Braid - well... in some ways; though like Portal, gameplay drives this game home

(5) To the Moon - I would place To The Moon somewhere down here, which is still pretty high up, but not at the top.
Honorable Mention: Always Sometimes Monster - I've yet to finish this game, but the initial story was promising; like To The Moon, it was made using RPG Maker

Steam: 4.8 hours (total game time)