Video Game Samorost (2003)

Samorost (2003)

Level 1
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On 20151024 I found a single screenshot of the second level of this game.

Level 2
The screenshot was taken on July 28, presumably after I completed Samorost 2 (PC) (2005) and possibly before I replayed Samorost 2.

Level 3
However, the existence of only a single screenshot suggests I never played more of the game.

Level 4
Regardless of whether or not I completed the game three years ago, I played it today and finished it in 24 minutes (040252 to 042633).

Level 5
I should note, however, that the level with the ant took me the longest to figure out (11 minutes).

Level 6
Running through the game again off of memory took less than 7 minutes (044143 to 044807). I'm guessing its possible to beat the game in six minutes (also it depends on what you consider the start and stop times*).

Level 7
*On both runs, I started the timer from the moment I'm ready (I take the first screenshot) to the moment the rocket reenters the home.

Home Sweet Home