Video Game Myst: Masterpiece Edition (PC) (2000)

Myst: Masterpiece Edition (PC) (2000)*
*Myst (Mac OS) (1993)

The Library - exterior
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This game was hard to navigate and the puzzles were hard to figure out. I also wish the sound was continuous throughout the game.

With that being said, I only tried to playing it for less than an hour.* I'll give it another shot in the future.

Dimensional Imager
*My steam game time as of 20151023 was 54 minutes.

I spent half an hour figuring out how to take screenshots of the game. Among the methods I tried, the only one that seemed to work was pressing Print Screen and pasting the screenshot into an image program. Pasting into GIMP was convenient because then I could quickly change the canvas size.*

In any case, I decided to just go ahead and play the game.

A note from Atrus to his wife Catherine.
1) Read the note > Determine the number of Markers > Entered the number of Markers into the Dimensional Imager

I realized after another half hour that the game wasn't working. After two changes, it seemed to work: "Run as administrator" and Windows compatibility mode "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)". Now when running the game there's a video introduction and the dimensional imager displays images.

The Library - interior
I first tested the three given codes (40, 67, and 47) before entering the number of markers on the island (there are eight).

2) Dimensional Imager > Figure out About the Tower (e.g., go to the library)
3) Enter file into the book > Watch the video (which also wasn't working before I made the above changes, but now it is) > Blue pages.

At this point in the game, I also realized that my screenshot program was working again (I assume it was due to the above mentioned changes).

A book from the library.
4) In the library there are a couple of books in good condition; their covers are not burnt. One of the books contains constellations at the end.
5) After reading through all four books, I clicked on the painting to the left of them which reveals a staircase. I clicked on the painting to the right of them which closes the staircase and opens the entrance. I clicked back on the left and then the right to double-check the mechanisms. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the painting on the right this time around, the game froze.**

Dimensional Imager Codes
Consequently, while I was beginning to have fun with Myst: Masterpiece Edition, I was ready to call it quits. I will, however, look to check out the realMyst version.

*The ability to take screenshots with my screenshot program began working again after applying some changes to the executable ("Run as administrator" and Windows compatibility mode "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)").

**I started the game back up to take some additional screenshots and this time the game froze the first time I clicked on the painting to the left of the stairs.

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