Video Game Goat Simulator (PC) (2014)

While hanging out with my friends, I decided to load and play Goat Simulator today for the first time today.

Setup: I added rocket and double jump.

First Impressions: I had some fun playing Goat Simulator, but it was less exciting than I had hoped.

Steam Game Time: 9 minutes

I went on to play Hammerwatch with them.

[20150905][20170312 Edit]

Today I tried the game again and at first I didn't understand what was the purpose.

Then eventually I remembered that the game had goals to achieve.

After achieving several, one achievement I had trouble was walking on my front two feet. I tried for a while to figure it out.* At one point, it seemed I triggered it because I saw the goat on his front two feet and there was a balance meter. Unfortunately, I tried to reproduce what I had done (I was playing around with using the trick button that's normally used during a jump and the kick/headbutt action). After a couple of minutes of trying, I decided to look it up and apparently all it takes is pressing up (W) and then down (S). It is, however, hard to balance. So after trying to balance, I watched a video on YouTube and the tip was to go into slow motion.

While then I was able to achieve the long manual goals, I tried to do the "Manual 3 Times in a Combo" goal and it didn't work, so then I looked that up. I'm not sure, but the difference between what I did and the Wiki's instructions was that there has to be a trick between the manuals. This doesn't make it any harder to do, given the slow motion, but it's more
To complete this quest you must perform the following actions:
Manual to at least 300 points.
Jump and do a flip.
Stick the landing and immediately resume manualing.
Repeat the process twice without ending the combo.

At this point, I'm two look-ups deep, so I just start looking goal after goal up: "Total Score Hard"*,

With all the in-game goals and Steam Achievements, I was hooked to accomplish. The game itself is comedic, but not that great.

*I later found out the instructions for this are given at the loading screen (as well as those for a wall run). The problem was that the loading screen didn't stay on the screen long enough for me to read/notice.
**Wow, the tip for this one makes it almost trivial. [Remark: I didn't realize at first, but the hint requires going to Goat City Bay, apparently this particular goal doesn't depend on the map; I was playing in GoatVille]

Goat Simulator (PC) (2014)

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