Video Game Abyss Odyssey (PC) (2014)

At midnight, my friend Michael and I decided to try the co-op mode for Abyss Odyssey, because it was currently free to play on Steam (Steam Free Weekend).

Setup: At first we tried playing co-op online and we encountered a lot of lag. Then, when Michael tried to host an online session, the game crashed. As such, we eventually played it over a local connection.

Gameplay: Implement a Smash Bros. combat system with custom skills to collect (like Megabyte Punch (PC) (2013)).

Thoughts: (Co-op)
+ Good music
+ Decent graphics

~ Brutal (high learning curve) combat system; it's more like an advanced fighter than a smash brawler
~ Co-op mode implements friendly attacks; on the one hand it made the game harder, on the other we enjoyed it.
~ Some rogue-like elements

- The developers decided to assign both players the same color; how confusing

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Abyss Odyssey (PC) (2014)

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