Movie The Fluffy Movie (2014)

Watched first 1hr20min on 20150901
Watched last 20min on 20150909
The Fluffy Movie (2014) Manny Rodriguez. 101 min.

Gabriel Iglesias
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The Fluffy Movie starts with the story of how comedian Gabriel Iglesias was born and what inspired him to become at age eight. The movie then cuts to modern day and the remainder of the movie is essentially one of Gabriel's show.

Esther P. Mendez (Jacqueline Obradora)
According to Wikipedia, that segment is filmed over two separate shows in San Jose, CA.

Today I watched the majority of Gabriel Iglesias and I had forgotten how good he is with sounds and voices.

Young Gabe (Julio César Chávez Jr.)
Instant Comments:
"That's borderline Discovery Channel fat."
"It's so hard... to say goodbye..." (Boyz II Men)
"But I just started making money."
References Pacific Rim.

"Hold on, my shoes." "You're laughing, it's three pounds."
Lol. "Right now I'm winning by eight."
"What are we gonna call you?" "Call me Buffy, I don't care."
Jaws theme.
"16 shots of tequila in." "Fantastic." [...]

Jaws theme (reprise), haha
[Looks around] "Eh, go for it."
"Why you always trying to food block me bro?"
"Why does that sound familiar?" "That's Mexico!"
Ha! Punchline: "Indian people worship cows, Mexicans love barbecues!"

Ha. Head movement and stuttering.
Head movement during the tweet. "#MooMoo"
Great punchline: "That is probably him."
"Didn't you see? There was no one there."
Grand Theft Auto India

Hahaha. "That's what your mom said."

For whatever reason I didn't finish this movie in one sitting. Regardless, Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is a great story teller and I enjoyed this movie.

Instant Comments:
"Apparently he has a mirror too."
Haha. That final punchline.

After Credits:
A little snippet plays at the very end after the credits role.

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