Place Eggettes

Today I had eggettes for the first time. Actually, it was also the first time I even heard about them.

Coconut Eggettes
Also known as an egg waffle, egg puff, bubble waffle, and puffle (, eggettes are essentially little hollow waffle balls. Of course, due to how they're made and served, eggettes are not soft and doughy like a thick waffle, but partially crisp and partially doughy like the edges of a thick waffle or a partially toasted Eggo.

Pouring the batter in... (20160816)
Starting with waffle-like batter, the employee pours the batter into the eggette maker. From afar, the eggette maker looks like a waffle iron, except the iron mold is a hexagonal array of hemispheres. It would seem, however, important to only pour enough batter as to thinly coat the mold in two layers, because when the mold gets turned around, some of the batter will fall to the other half of the mold (another hexagonal array of hemispheres).

Original Eggettes
Thus, when removed from the mold, the batter is an array of balls connected by a thin layer of batter. The employee then holds the array next to a fan, most likely to wick away some of the moisture and give the eggettes a crispier texture. A secondary purpose would be to keep the array in an arch. After manually holding the eggettes over a fan, they are placed on a tray where little computer fans continue to blow on them.

Ready to pull out... (20160816)
Overall, I liked the coconut-flavored eggettes most. They remind me of delicious pandan waffles. Then I like the original eggettes, and finally the chocolate eggettes.

Today I had eggettes for a second time, but this time they were a bit more doughy than the last time - perhaps the employee poured extra batter into the eggette maker.

Chocolate Eggettes
In any case, it was still a tasty snack and I would recommend everybody try it at least once.



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