Drink Beer and Wine Tasting 20150904

Today I was buying some beer when I was asked if I wanted to participate in the beer and wine tasting. At $2 for a beer/wine tasting and $2 off with purchases of $10 or more, I decided to taste some wine and beer.

2013 Edna Valley Chardonnay

Tasted like apple. It had a nice flavor.

2008 Edna Valley Pinot Noir

It was a bit bitter. There were tannins on the nose.

2013 Apothic Red

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The Apothic Red had a softer smell. It was nice and sweet.

2014 Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz

The Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz tasted sweeter than the Apothic Red. It had a nice sweet taste sweet. It had a slightly carbonated feel.

Lamarca Prosecco Sparkling Wine

Smelled like a white wine and looked like a white wine. It had carbonation and tasted good. It would be a reasonable substitute for champagne.

Firestone Walker 805

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The beer had an apple smell and a banana taste. It was a nice light taste.

Lost Coast Great White

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Heretic Evil Cousin

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This beer had a hoppy smell, but it also had a sweet, lovely flowery smell. There was, however, a slightly bitter taste and it left a bitter aftertaste.

Website Information:
Evil Cousin
abv: 8%; ibu: 100; srm: 4
Evil Cousin is Heretic's take on a West coast imperial IPA. This beer is a bold, in-your-face hop monster. It has a light, easy drinking malt character that allows the hops to stand out. The hop character in this beer is intentionally on the dank side; big, sticky, and aggressive. This beer is for those of you who can't get enough hops. Join us on the dank side.


This tea was not bad.

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