Movie Song of the Sea (2014)

I love it when an airplane has the feature allowing users to choose what they want to watch.

Anyways, I loved The Secret of Kells (2009), and so it just made sense to watch Song of the Sea. Overall, I liked Secret of Kells more than Song of the Sea, even though Song of the Sea is a great movie.

Song of the Sea is a cute, magical, and occasionally humorous movie.

Instant Comments:
This is a mixture of cool, magical, and creepy (finds the white cloth and dons it).
The dad knows about the chest and robe!?!
The old man notes there haven't been seals in years.
Haha. Don't use the good towels they're only for guests. 1:15AM PT
Hahaha. They look around in surprise but then don't think about it for more than a second.
Lol, and again. They're crazy.
Lol. Opens the gate. Whoa, her hair strands.
Lol, self inflicted torture... that's why she's partially stone.
Lol. Cu and his tongue.
I got a bit teary the moment he said "I can get it. I can get her coat back." I don't know why. Maybe his conviction as a brother moved me.
Cute movie. 2:16AM PT
I'm not quite clear why their mom wasn't able to do any of this spell breaking.
Credits show tracings/pre-finished drawings of various scenes.
I like this Song of the Sea (Lullaby) by Nolwenn Leroy, guitar, I will learn it. 221am. 1hr 33min runtime.

Watched 20150825 (in-flight entertainment)
Song of the Sea (2014) Tomm Moore. 93 min

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