Video Game Ittle Dew (PC) (2013)

Ittle Dew (PC) (2013)

Typical "light the fire" puzzle.
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Ittle Dew is a Zelda-like* puzzle adventure game. Shipwrecked onto an island, Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie set straight off looking for adventure. After all, the island is "an entire island just reeking of adventure!"

The start of a great adventure.
Today I played Ittle Dew for about an hour.

The graphics were cel-shaded like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN) (2002) and the resemblances to the Zelda series were numerous. From the adventure experience and art style to the heart upgrades and puzzle experience, it's clear that Ittle Dew used The Legend of Zelda as a foundation.

With that being said, the game contributes a different atmosphere by adding its own unique styling and a heavy layer of humor which put it beyond being a mere rip-off. In general, imitation is flattery and when a developer can make an adjustment and provide something different that works well, that is admirable.

Overall, I enjoyed the game and if it were earlier in the day I would have played a lot more.

One of the trickier block puzzles.
Actually, I'm not sure if I successfully solved it.
+Zelda-like adventure (familiarity for anyone whose played a 2D Zelda game)

~Zelda-like adventure (lends itself to comparisons with the Zelda series)
~Fairly linear gameplay

A partially populated map.
-Short (see the comparison table below)
TitleAvg (Main)Avg (100%)
Ittle Dew (PC)(2013)3 hours7.5 hours
A Link Between... (3DS)(2013)15.5 hours22 hours
Phantom Hourglass (NDS)(2007)15.5 hours28 hours
The Minish Cap (GBA)(2005)15.5 hours27 hours
Link's Awakening (GB)(1993)15 hours20.5 hours
The shop sells items... sort of...
Ittle Dew might not be able to reach the production value of any Legend of Zelda game, but it doesn't have to. The developers were able to deliver a solid puzzle adventure game in the likeness of The Legend of Zelda series and consequently a likable little game for fans of the genre.