Video Game Full Mojo Rampage (PC) (2014)

Full Mojo Rampage (PC) (2014)

Cool intro.
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When I booted this game up for the first time I was immediately impressed with the intro cutscene. Getting into the game itself, my first impressions was that the game was fun: just run around, get some gold, and get some equipment.

As I continued to play and continued to die, it seemed as if all gold, experience, and medals which have been collected would persist after the character's death.

Cool items.
The only exception is progress made across the map, after dying the player must start from the beginning of the quest.

Then as I play even more, I began to realize - the randomly generated content was a big tip-off - that Full Mojo Rampage was a rogue-like.

In particular, the game began reminding me of The Binding of Isaac (PC) (2011). While similar with respect to game mechanics and item collection, FMR is played across a larger level, provides item statistics upfront, and gives multiple item slots (BoI is played room to room, requires item experimentation, and only one equipped item and one consumable item).

Character select screen.
Interestingly, after I was reminded of The Binding of Isaac, I entered a level which felt much more like The Binding of Isaac. Explicitly, every time I entered a new area, I could only leave after defeating all the enemies. However, it was much harder than most Binding of Isaac rooms because the space was generally more cramped.

:You can dash (if that's you're left power) in the direction you're moving, and shoot separately.
:You can hold the mouse button down to shoot repeatedly. But maybe you want to go for high accuracy.

Level map.
:Stat modifiers are permanent and carry over, but you can reset them
:Any items you have on you when you die are lost. Think carefully and sell what you don't need (because you keep money).
:After dying a lot, I started prioritizing health.
:One strategy I found that works well is to go in a more circular motion or kite back to places you've cleared. The first method is to guarantee avoiding a mage's damage. The second is to avoid spawning/aggroing more enemies. Of course its good to combine the two.
:Don't get too greedy for gold.

+Overall fun gameplay
+Randomly generated levels
+Game promotes progress via ongoing XP
+Cool items

~Gameplay similar to The Binding of Isaac
~Low learning curve to get playing, higher learning curve to master the game, again similar to The Binding of Isaac

These movement triggered spikes hurt.
-Somewhat grinding oriented, like Rogue Legacy (PC) (2013) and/or Castle Crashers (PC) (2012).

?:Co-op mode. Would likely be as fun as Castle Crashers.

While Full Mojo Rampage is a lot of fun, I would, overall, prefer to play The Binding of Isaac. With that being said, The Binding of Isaac doesn't have a co-op mode and I would love to try gathering a couple of friends together and check out the co-op which Full Mojo Rampage has to offer.

Sell items for gold.
Furthermore, Full Mojo Rampage offers reasonable variety to the genre and a reasonable game to check out.

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