Video Game DETOUR (PC) (2011)

DETOUR (PC) (2011)

Introductory level.
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DETOUR: Highway Simulator (Steam Store Page)

20150608: [20151027 Edit]
Today I played 41 minutes of DETOUR and consequently wasted 41 minutes of my life.

-- None --

Still not too bad.
- Fake voiceover (sort of like how Midna talks in Twilight Princess, except worse)
- Bad dialogue
- Terrible user interface
- The first nine levels are easy and then the next level is outrageously difficult.

?: Multiplayer Mode

The difficulty skyrocketed.
From what I can tell, this game is horrible. The only possible redeeming factor is its multiplayer, but I doubt it. Overall, I would just stay away. Don't even touch it with a ten foot pole.

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