Video Game Cook, Serve, Delicious! (PC) (2013)

Upon loading up the game, the audio immediately reminded me of Candy Crush: "Cook", "Serve", "Delicious!"

Prepared a "Sour Potato w/Bacon" by pressing "S", "B", and "O"

Setup: There are two available difficulties: Standard Difficulty and Extreme Difficulty. I chose Standard. "Extreme" seemed appropriate for those who have played the game and are looking for a challenge.

First Impression: Using key shortcuts for everything is awesome! It makes it like a mini-typing game. While a mouse is an optional input device, I love using the keyboard.

The game is friendly, with a "Try Out" feature to practice prepping a food before deciding to purchase it for your restaurant.

I should remap the arrow keys closer to the other keys...

Frier, Fries (two day menu rot), Cold Beer, Chicken Breast (two day menu rot), Fried Chicken (two day menu rot), Salad.
I realized only four items go on the menu, so I served all the items but the Fries.
The Chicken Breast took a lot of time to make, but other orders can be given during that time. I don't know if other orders can be attended to or not.
I upgraded the Beer.
The most surprising part of the day was the attendance of chores. I went to practice them, and there were two I had yet to encounter: rats and robbers.

Some of the equipment that can be bought.

The end of day 2 wasn't so bad, but I panicked during the lunchtime rush hour.
I also forgot to buy a tip jar. I bought one for the third day.
I replaced the Chicken Breast with the Fish and the Fried Chicken with the Fries. The Fish was much easier to prepare than the Chicken Breast, but its ease was disadvantaged with the need for rat traps.
After the end of day 3, I was amazed by how quick it was to prepare the Fish.
Sodas were hard to make; serving cold beer was easier.
In order to generate revenue, I stuck with the current meal choices - even though the fish had a smell which impacted the mornings.

One of the many chores required.

I learned to do the trash after quicker events.
Prepping for day 5, I had some rainy items and reduced chores (rainy day and inspector) so I chose the following items: Beer, Sopapillas (in terms of preparation, similar to fries), Chicken Breasts, and Corn Dogs.

Steam Game Time: 110 minutes

+ Fun and addicting (I played for about 100 minutes before it growing tired of the game, see second con)
+ Great user interface

- Medium learning curve.*
- Slows down a little after six days (need to earn money and play for 20 days before becoming a two-star restaurant)

*[20170306] My recommendation around this is just to get into the game and make mistakes. Don't get bogged down by trying to optimize strategies on the first pass through the game.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! (PC) (2013)

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