Video Game Batman: Arkham City (PC) (2011)

Today I played for about 40 minutes. The game mechanics mostly seemed to follow those found in Arkham Asylum (2009). Those familiar with the first game will have no trouble getting into this one.

Of course, the first fun surprise is that you first fight a bunch of Two Face's men with Catwoman!

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Gliding and grappling around the city was a pretty good feeling. Perhaps the only better feeling would be swinging around New York City as Spider-Man.

Today I played for about another hour. Compared to Arkham Asylum, the pace of Arkham City was slower. Whether it's the size of the world or the slightly reduced linearity, Batmah: Arkham City just didn't have the same flow as Arkham Asylum.

While I loved gliding, using the Batclaw to travel, and scaling the buildings of Gotham, it all eventually began to feel repetitive and I could only play so much before becoming bored.

With that being said, it was partially my fault for going around trying to fight random groups of henchmen on the streets and dying. Twice I died this way and twice I had to make the (long) trek to the coldest spot in Gotham from where Joker throws Batman out the window.

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Today I read this guide and it referred to AR missions:

At one part, I was stuck and used the following: "Oh and for the church organ, you need to hold down LB and scan it so you can answer that riddle."

For the first advanced augmented reality mission, I read a tip that said not to touch the C-stick and you'll automatically straighten out. However, I think it depends on where you were oriented before the dive bomb. In any case, I kept the stick (mouse) high and began to dive bomb. Afterwards, I released the mouse and Batman straightened out on his own.

After doing the AR missions (both regular and advanced), I was a bit more enthused about doing other side missions. I suppose I was beginning to embrace the open world nature of the game.

While not perfect, I also started improving my combos a bit: 2 2 for batclaw, 1 1 for batarang, middle click for cape stun, punch punch, 3 3 for laying explosives and moving out; then focus on getting to the edge of the fight; take a guy down; repeat the combo back into the crowd. Obviously the dynamics of a fight require modifications, but when possible, it was nice to pull off the variations for higher XP.

Today I played for about three hours.

Steam Game Time: ~ 6 hours (total game time)

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Purchased 20121125.
Batman: Arkham City (PC) (2011)

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