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The merchant.
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Anodyne is an adventure RPG whose artistic style and gameplay is based on older games - self-described as being having a "16-bit-era visual style."

Your weapon: A broom.
Anodyne, however, is not your typical adventure RPG. With a good amount of humor thrown into the mix, play as Young and wield a mighty broom as you sweep and puzzle your way through the game.

20141202: [20151101] Android Version
Today I played the introduction of Anodyne on my phone, but that's pretty much it.

20150115: [20151101] Android Version
Failing to actually play more than the tutorial on my previous run, I decided to restart the game from the beginning.

The dust has been moved to block the shock blasts.
Screenshot of the Android Version
Actually getting into the meat of the game this time around, I made my way into the first dungeon, acquired Young's weapon (a broom), and explored a bit of the dungeon. All this amounted to about fifteen minutes of gameplay.

20150116: [20151101] Android Version
Yesterday's experience with Anodyne was quite positive and so I played a little bit more today, once at noon and once at night.

Android Version (left) and PC Version (right)

While I played the game today for approximately half an hour, I did not manage finish the first dungeon.

20150604: [20151031 Edit] PC Version
Having previously played and enjoyed the Android version of Anodyne on my phone and found it fun, today I decided to try the PC version.

While the game itself felt the same, I played a lot more of it today on my laptop (a little under one and a half hours) than I previously did on my phone.

A strange (benign) creature
However, recalling the Android controls, I realized this was due to the ease of using a keyboard compared to that of using the virtual controls on the touchscreen (input lag/lack of response).

In any case, the game has been reasonably challenging: its hard enough that I've died five times, but easy enough as to not feel aggravating.

Realization: Both Versions
Focusing on the game's humor, it occurred to me that the game is a parody of the Zelda series.

Collect cards as you progress...
Similarities include the use of stones (Gossip Stones), fairies which increase your health bar, a merchant with the three items (like in The Legend Zelda (FDS) (1986)), and treasure chest/key system.

Thoughts: Both Versions
+ Humorous: the game occasionally throws out a joke or two.
+ Dig the map system

Screenshot of the Android Version
~ Parody of Zelda
~ Visual style of games from the 16-bit era.

- (Android) Not as ideal as keyboard (or joystick)

Recommendation: Both Versions
Anodyne is by no means amazing, but its good enough to be play-worthy. As such, if you own it, then I would recommend you give it a try.

Maps are populated as you roam about.