Music Festival Firefly Music Festival Day 0

Firefly Music Festival Day 0

It's a bit early in the morning.
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Having packed the car yesterday evening, my friends and I wake up early in the morning and head on over to a friend's place and help her and her friends finish packing.

Breakfast from Royal Farms
After a quick stop at Royal Farms, we are all ready to head out.

Upon arrival, we commended the festival's new strategy. Cars are queued up into lines on an open field (probably where the general campers will eventually be) prior to the scheduled opening of the premier camping.

Collapsible Table
This does a great job of getting the festival traffic off of the streets and the chaos of the existence and non-existence of lines is removed from the equation (bad experience in 2013).

With that being said, they managed to create a little chaos out of order by splitting up the lines and then fusing them back together.

The entrance to the speedway.
I think a better way to have done his was keep the single line that was already built and then have the festival volunteers be in a single line. More explicitly, instead of trying to parallelize the problem into ten lanes, have ten volunteers stand in a line, queue up ten cars, get them checked by each of the ten volunteers, send them off, and repeat with ten new cars.

Natty Boh
In any case, after a little bit of frustration, we were on our way into the campground and started setting up our tents. After the tents was the shade tent, and then came the flag pole.

Having set up the essentials, it was time to settle down and have some beer and play cornhole.

Miller Lite
Keeping my energy for the days ahead, I decided to go to sleep somewhat early.

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