Concert 20150621 Hozier


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Hozier at Firefly 2015 (*
*On 20150808, I went through a YouTube recording of the performance and used it to fill out the setlist.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Hozier's music reminds me a bit of Bon Iver. It would be amazing if he covered Skinny Love...

Above Average: 'Cherry Wine', 'Take Me to Church' -- this song was great when I first heard it, but its effect kind of wore off
Slightly Above Average: ~
On The Fence: ~

1) Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
2) From Eden
3) Jackie and Wilson
4) To Be Alone
5) It Will Come Back
6) Someone New -- I love this song! (notated on paper by a heart symbol)
7) Like Real People Do
8) Arsonist's Lullabye
-- After we left, he played Sedated, Problem (Ariana Grande cover), Work Song, Take Me to Church

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Like with Bad Suns, I wish I had listened to more of Hozier's music prior to the festival, especially after watching a recording of this performance on YouTube.

Excellent**: 'Someone New' [4+], 'Like Real People Do' [3+], 'Take Me to Church' [2+] -- a well-written song
Above Average: 'Jackie and Wilson' -- fun song, 'Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene', 'Work Song' -- great chorus, 'Cherry Wine - Live'

"When my time comes around | Lay me gently in the cold dark earth | No grave can hold my body down | I'll crawl home to her"

Slightly Above Average: 'To Be Alone' -- I like the second half of the song more than the first half, 'From Eden'
On The Fence: 'In a Week', 'Sedated', 'It Will Come Back', 'Foreigner's God'
**Songs with 2 or more '+'s are considered 'Excellent'. The number of '+'s are found in brackets.

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