Concert 20150621 Bastille


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Bastille at Firefly 2015 (*
*Corrected the song 'Grip' to 'Blame'.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
I listened to Bastille after Modest Mouse and found the two to be similarly mellow and without surprises. If anything, I probably like Modest Mouse more.

Note, however, that I have nothing against mellow music. In particular, I absolutely love Death Cab for Cutie!

Anyways, I rated Bastille a 5 out of 10 for their music (falling below the average of 5.64) and yet a 5.5 for my desire to see them perform (which was slightly above the average of 5.39).

Above Average: ~
Slightly Above Average: ~
On The Fence: ~

1) Things We Lost in the Fire
2) Laura Palmer

-- new song:
3) Hangin' -- I put my earplugs in; on a different note, I thought this song ended well, but I didn't like the start
4) Weight of Living, Pt. II
5) Laughter Lines
-- inspired by the movie Drive:
6) The Driver

7) These Streets
8) Flaws -- the lead singer runs down the aisle
9) Blame
10) No Angels [Apparently this song is a mash-up of TLC's No Scrubs and The xx's Angels]
11) The Draw

'The Draw'
12) Icarus
-- "This is one of 'em" (songs they played on Saturday Night Live):
13) Oblivion
14) Bad Blood
15) Snakes
16) Of the Night

17) Pompeii
-- While I started leaving towards the Lawn Stage a couple of songs before the end of Bastille's set, I managed to hear Pompeii on the way out.

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Bastille's live performance may have been fun, but I don't really like the sound of the lead singer's voice except on a couple of tracks. Maybe I find too much of an accent in his voice?

An interesting note is that my friends and I rated Bastille (avg: 5.66) lower than Hozier (avg: 7.00), but we all left Hozier early in order to secure a decent spot for Bastille (and tentatively secure a spot for The Killers). Of course, they had already seen Hozier in a Coffeehouse-like setting...

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